MR Valentine (pen name for Hugh Simpson) has spent the past 17 years teaching clients worldwide Preparedness and Survival publishing his first book in 1999 entitled A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond featured on FOX News, CNN and Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. He became the Y2K consultant for Atlanta WGST radio and preparedness and survival company Brigade Quartermaster. He has also beta tested products for Lodge, Brenton Solar, Wenzel, CleanWaste, Crank-A-Watt, Machete Store, Zaps Gear, Smith Products, Sawyer, etc. 

He wrote his first book mentioned above, 2012 & Beyond and Grid Going Down! under his legal name of Hugh Simpson, where he currently runs Templar Commandos, XtremePreparedness, Full-Out Adventure LLC, and and Smart Sail Technology.