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  1. US census Bureau sent me a note that all ports were shut down so amphibious boats would be the only way to go

  2. Good day my Brother and Sir Knight, my name is Brother Elwood Woolledge from New Orleans, Louisiana. Heard you on Coast to Coast…..great show. I would love to chat with you if you have time…anytime. I truly believe time has narrowed our path in this unstable world.
    Once again I crave more light, but walk through this world as a Templar.
    Sir Knight Elwood Woolledge

  3. Hi Hugh,
    your knowledge of many topics is fine. The challenges in listening to the interview were:

    1. There is not now any word “nuc-u-lar.” When you add an additional “u” to the word “nuclear,” it creates an immediate credibility problem for you.

    2. Sometimes, in a single run-on sentence you will repeat “you know” several times within one sentence and it is extremely difficult to pierce through the overwhelming number of times you keep telling the audience that we know something already. If we “know” something, then there is absolutely no reason for us to continue listening to the interview. If we do not “know” something, then it is seriously annoying to constantly be told we know something when you have no idea of whether we know it already. Think of it this way, each time you “you know” the audience, another 500+ listeners turn off the radio. It could be more or less per each occurrence. How many folks can you afford to have turning off their radios?

    3. There is no god, but you keep talking about your personal god by saying the over-used statement of “Oh your god.” This adds no credibility and helpfulness to your presentation. There are no gods. The entire purpose of religion is to hoodwink and subjugate the mentally weak sheeple in society so they can be enslaved and not freed as they are forced into paradigms of exploitation by both religions and politics.

    My family lead at least eight European nations from the 500 A.D. period until about the 1600s and our distant cousins and ancestors just used religion as a form of enslavement of any idiot they could convince it existed or had any legitimacy.

    You should listen to your interviews from all past CTC visits. Then count up however many times you keep going on about your god and saying “you know.”

    Each time you do these things, someone is turning off the radio as it is taxing and excessive.

    It becomes vastly difficult to get through all of that unnecessary content to hear about your research.

    I tried to leave a message on, but I never had a site telling me “Input this code: To use CAPTCHA, you need Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin installed.” Your site is NOT showing the images for me to type out. You are likely losing countless emails because this site is not working properly.

    About two years ago, a friend of mine became moving his family from CA, TX, and KY to Belize. I had mentioned to him some of the information you provided in past interviews over the years.

  4. I heard you on Coast to Coast with George and absolutely loved it! I wish you were on for the whole 4 hours! Give my regards to Walter O’Brien also, love his show too! šŸ˜

    Thank you for all this information! I wish I knew just half the things you do.

    Stay well and God Bless!

  5. Mr Valentine… Enjoyed the show with George N….. You had mentioned SCALAR waves/Towers ready: Harvey yes?? BRILLIANT! WAS the FIRST thing I thought about along with HAARP….. evildoers! Would love to hear more on your Theory of their Evil Ways…. You impressed me with that One Comment…. LIKE MINDS šŸ˜šŸ˜

    • Thanks George! Yes I do believe we saw a repeat of Katrina as again we have gone from LOW gas prices to skyrocketing ones. Now we have to wait see what happens and where Hurricane Irma goes. Even if it does not head into the Gulf but goes up the Atlantic Coast it is gong to stretch our resources to the limit! Of course as I am now contemplating a move to Saint Croix I am definitely watching that scenario developing. We that are looking at moving there do have one of the BEST defenses I have ever seen as a CONTAINER home. Adam builds the coolest STEALTH one on the market. I saw it on HGTV six months ago and have been trying to find who built it. He and his family are ready to move to USVI and we would build a model eco village of his containers employing solar and Bioponica.